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    The company produces 180,000 tons of liquid food packaging paper production line technical renovation project environmental impact assessment publicity

    The name and outline of the construction project

    Project name: zhejiang wuxing paper co., LTD. Annual output 180,000 tons of liquid food packaging paper production line technical transformation project

    Construction nature: technical transformation

    Construction address: 1 donggang 4th road, Quzhou City economic development zone, zhejiang

    Profile of project: the project plans to invest 45.45 million yuan, the use of zhejiang five-star paper co., LTD., the existing factory production workshop, purchase of domestic advanced propulsion, except sand pump, vacuum pump, brake roller, shoe type press equipment, the existing annual production of 150000 tons of liquid food packaging production line technological transformation, technological upgrading is completed through the control of speed and product gram to increase the output of products to 180000 tons/year. On April 17, 2020, Quzhou City leading group office of industrial project consulting services issued advisory service opinions on industrial investment projects in urban areas of quzhou [ququ city tou zizhi 2020 no. 81]. On April 20, 2020, the economic and information bureau of qujiang district of Quzhou City put the project on record (project code 2020-330851-22-03-1201 13).

    Ii. Distribution of major environmental sensitive targets within the scope of environmental impact assessment

    The main protection objectives and protection levels of the project are shown in table 2-1.

    An overview of the possible environmental impacts of the construction project

    The impact of waste gas, waste water, noise and solid waste on the surrounding environment during operation.

    Exhaust gas: the maximum ground level concentration of project exhaust gas accounts for the standard rate of Pmax =0.34%, less than 1%, and the atmospheric assessment level is determined to be level 3. No further prediction and evaluation is conducted, only the pollutant emission is calculated. The normal emission of project waste gas has little influence on the surrounding atmospheric environment and sensitive points.

    Waste water: Wastewater by coagulation precipitation + biochemical + fenton oxidation process for the pulp and paper industrial water pollutant discharge standard "(GB3544-2008) where the 3 special emission limit value through the campus network in oolong ditch, after again into the sha river and the forecast, after all the modification CODCr contribution to sha river water quality maximum concentration of 8.36 mg/L, is located at the downstream outlet of 10 m, superposition of background value after the concentration of 18.36 mg/L, can meet the surface water environment quality standard" (GB3838-2002) in class III standard requirements, After complete mixing, the contribution concentration of CODCr to the water quality of wuxi river was less than 0.2mg/L, which had little effect on the water quality of wuxi river.

    Noise: it is predicted that the project will be in normal operation, and the daytime noise at the boundary of each plant can reach the limits of the standard of environmental noise emission at the boundary of industrial enterprises (gb12348-2008) in category 3 zones. After the background value is added, the daytime acoustic environment quality can meet the three zone standards in the standard for acoustic environment quality (gb3096-2008). To sum up, the daytime and night noise of all factories can reach the standard, and the production noise has little impact on the surrounding acoustic environment.

    Solid waste: project solid waste can be properly disposed of, almost no impact on the surrounding environment.

    4. Discharge of project pollution products

    Countermeasures and key points to prevent or mitigate adverse environmental impacts

    Six, environmental impact statement evaluation conclusions

    Zhejiang wuxing paper co., LTD. Annual output 180,000 tons of liquid food packaging paper production line technical renovation project in line with the requirements of environmental functional zone planning; The discharge of pollutants shall comply with the national and provincial standards for the discharge of pollutants and the total emission control requirements for key pollutants; The construction projects comply with the requirements of the main functional zone plan, the general plan for land use, urban and rural planning, and the national and provincial industrial policies. Meet the requirements of "three lines and one order"; Comply with the requirements of the regulations on environmental protection and management of construction projects (decree no. 682 of the state council) "four sex and five non-approval".

    In the process of project implementation, enterprises should strengthen environmental quality management, earnestly implement environmental protection measures, and take corresponding pollution prevention and control measures, so that exhaust gas, waste water and noise can be discharged to the standard and solid waste can be safely disposed of. Therefore, the construction of this project has little impact on the environment.

    From the point of view of environmental protection, the construction of this project is feasible.

    7. Method and time limit for the public to read the eia brief

    Environmental impact for the public to learn this project, can call, letter or email to the construction unit and the eia units refer to the relevant content construction project environmental impact report report, if you want to know further information, may consult the construction unit and the eia units, public access and consulting for the duration of the public during 10 working days, the time of the public for April 29, 2020-2020 on May 15.

    8. Scope and major issues of soliciting public opinions

    This project eia public participation will ask for project evaluation within the scope of the representatives of the citizens, legal persons or other organizations such as opinions and Suggestions to the construction of the project, to solicit public opinion of the main contents include the main environmental problems of public attention, project construction on surrounding environment and the possible impact on the project of environmental protection work other opinions or Suggestions.

    The specific form of soliciting public opinions

    This project solicits the public opinion mainly adopts the enterprise independent website public column form to carry on the public announcement. The public can express their opinions on project construction and environmental impact assessment by sending letters or making phone calls to the designated public addresses.

    The time of public announcement and solicitation of opinions is from April 29, 2020 to May 15, 2020.

    The eia unit will truly record the public's comments and Suggestions in the environmental impact statement of the project, and report their valuable comments and Suggestions to the construction unit, design unit and relevant departments.

    X. manner and timing of full environmental impact statement disclosure

    The full version of the environmental impact report of the project will be published before it is submitted to the local environmental protection department for examination and approval. The full version of the environmental impact report can be downloaded and consulted on the enterprise's independent website. The publication time of the full version shall be determined by the progress of the eia report submitted for examination and approval, and the publication time shall be no less than 10 working days.

    [note] : the public is requested to provide detailed contact information as much as possible while expressing their views.

    Contact information of local environmental protection departments, eia units and construction units

    Members of the public may make comments by telephone or by E-mail to the contact persons of the following units:

    (1) environmental impact assessment unit

    Zhejiang hecheng environmental technology co. LTD

    Contact number: 15157002304

    Contact person: li gong

    Address: room 201, room 202, building 1, no. 351, naoqiao village, Quzhou City

    Construction unit

    Construction unit: quzhou wuzhou special paper co., LTD

    Contact person: han xiaoqin

    Contact number: 18057016858

    Approval unit

    Quzhou City ecological and environmental bureau

    Telephone: 0570-3082905

    Quzhou wuzhou special paper co. LTD

    April 29, 2020
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